Vintage + Turquoise = Awesome

Last night I found myself perusing an amazing blog! Pinstrosity. The conclusion that I drew from this site is that there need to be more simple DIY projects here on the world wide web. So here is one that would be pretty hard to mess up: A while back I found some cool Pepsi crates … Continue reading


Ode to the Fancy Gold Car

::Sigh:: As much as I don’t give a crap about cars, I do really LOVE my 1998 Saturn SL1. We’ve been through a lot together… Driving to high school, driving to college, going across the country and back. And it has been so faithful through all of that. It never broke down in the middle … Continue reading

The Engagement Story

As far as I knew, our weekend trip was just the annual camping trip we take for Jared’s birthday. For the past few years, we’ve gone up to Mt. Hardy in Middle Prong Wilderness. It’s a gorgeous grassy mountain with amazing views and few other people. Our bags were packed heavy with essentials like food, … Continue reading

Hit & Run & DIY

It could have been a lot worse for both us and the perpetrator. We could have lost our whole fence, and they could have lost their life. But let me start at the beginning… On Friday night, Jared and I went to see the new Batman movie (which was really good). When we were driving … Continue reading

Hooty Hoo…Lechuza Gordita

Today I made a baby owl. Normally I steer away from sewing projects because I hate measuring, but this one I knew I could eyeball. Bebé búho I will provide you the link that I used from Pinterest. Be forewarned that the instructions are in Spanish. I thought about texting my sister in Cancun to … Continue reading

Warren Wilson has a pool?

Today Jared (my boyfriend), Bonnie (our dog), and I took a fun trip to the river near Warren Wilson College. We found a great spot to swim, play Frisbee, eat a picnic, and sunbathe. Then we left. Me and Jared swimming and Bonnie playing with her frisbee (please note that this is a river, not … Continue reading

Zen and the art of road rage.

As much as I like to assert my independence, I really do love rules. My favorite rules to follow are the rules of the road. They are simple to follow, and everyone knows them. The left lane is for passing, use your turn signals, don’t pass long lanes of stopped traffic so you can butt … Continue reading

House Mania

Maybe it’s a blogging faux-pas to post two in one day, but I really want to explain why I’ve been neglecting Nerdy And I Know It… I have been completely nerding out over house hunting. I work as an office manager at a great real estate company. Looking at houses for sale all day is … Continue reading

Fond, Fonder, Fondest

Yes, it’s been a while since I’ve made a blog post, but I promise to give you at least one very good excuse for that soon. I also hope that absence really does make the heart grow fonder so you will love my blog even more now. But nobody says “fond” or “fonder” anymore. Maybe … Continue reading

This post is weird.

OK, fair warning; this post is weird! But I only accept responsibility for 40% of the weirdness. Let me start at the beginning…I was cruising Asheville Craigslist, and after looking at Pets, Missed Connections, and Free, I checked out Farm & Garden to look at pictures of horses. I came upon a post titled “Antique … Continue reading