Posted in March 2012

This post is weird.

OK, fair warning; this post is weird! But I only accept responsibility for 40% of the weirdness. Let me start at the beginning…I was cruising Asheville Craigslist, and after looking at Pets, Missed Connections, and Free, I checked out Farm & Garden to look at pictures of horses. I came upon a post titled “Antique … Continue reading

Put A Bird IN It

Yesterday my friend Jenn and I antiqued (and no, that doesn’t mean we sat around getting older). It was a beautiful day, and we were both dressed up too cute to go hiking, so we went to some antique stores! First we went to the Screen Door. It’s a huge warehouse building with rows and … Continue reading

Contest Winner!

The winner of the very first Nerdy And I Know It blog contest is…. Laura Winfree de Mendez! Laura submitted me this photo of her awesome hubby playing golf and requested that I have him ice skate instead: After a few skating lessons with Michelle Kwan, a new appreciation for hot pink, and one ticket … Continue reading

The Asheville Experience

Usually when the radio forecast calls for “life-threatening thunderstorms,” I try to make plans that don’t involve being outside on an exposed mountaintop. But my sister Noelle, her husband Michael, and their dog Roman were on their way to visit me and Jared and get the Asheville experience no matter what the weatherman said. So … Continue reading