The Asheville Experience

Usually when the radio forecast calls for “life-threatening thunderstorms,” I try to make plans that don’t involve being outside on an exposed mountaintop. But my sister Noelle, her husband Michael, and their dog Roman were on their way to visit me and Jared and get the Asheville experience no matter what the weatherman said. So I went ahead and made plans to hike up to Sam’s Knob and just crossed my fingers that the storms would be over by then. We were lucky because it turned out to be a nice day, and the creepy weather forecast had scared off any other would-be hikers (Pansies!). Up at the top of Sam’s Knob, our two black and tan dogs frolicked together while we enjoyed the glorious views.

I highly recommend this hike to all my readers! Getting there is easy. Here are some good directions!

Trail At The Top

Michael, Noelle, Roman, Bonnie, and Jared

Me and Bonnie

Traversing The Mud

Pleased Pooches

Well, I’m sure you can tell there has been a little Photoshop action happening to these photos. And no, I’m not talking about the “Instagram-ing” that I did to them (just because I don’t have an iPhone doesn’t mean that I can’t have sweet retro photos!). I’m talking about the sweet little white poodle dog in the last picture. That dog belongs to Laura (my other sister). She lives in Mexico, so I try to Photoshop her in to pictures whenever Noelle and I get together. And now her dog gets to virtually hang out with our dogs! I realize that this is a whole new level of nerdiness. A level of nerdiness that I will now ask you to participate in…


I am looking for more random photoshopping ideas. Send me a picture of yourself, someone you know, or your pet and an idea of what kind of situation you would like them to be in. For example, a picture of your cat and the idea to put them in a circus ring with a lion tamer. My favorite idea will win their photo made and put on my blog as well as some of my “Put A Giraffe On It” stickers. Send ideas to with the subject line “Nerdy Photoshop.” It would also help if you put your address in the email so I can send out your prize quickly. Deadline for idea submissions is Saturday, March 10.


4 thoughts on “The Asheville Experience

  1. Insert face of a friend over coronation of British royal for their birthday or other notable event. Slainte!

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