Put A Bird IN It

Yesterday my friend Jenn and I antiqued (and no, that doesn’t mean we sat around getting older). It was a beautiful day, and we were both dressed up too cute to go hiking, so we went to some antique stores! First we went to the Screen Door. It’s a huge warehouse building with rows and rows of amazing and inspiring artistic antiques.

If you aren’t artistic, then you can just purchase something already artsied-up. If you are artistic, then you can find inspiration and some rough-and-ready pieces to make into your own. I was really inspired by how this booth owner had designed their booth:

I was itching to buy something, and finally I spotted this bird cage:

I don’t think the birdcage is an actual antique, but the price was right ($18), and that bunny needed to be set free! After my purchase, we headed to the Tobacco Barn antique store. It’s just as huge but filled with less “art” and more “antique.” I ended up getting two old Pepsi crates (which will make an appearance as a craft project for a later blog post). We had a great day of antiquing, and it was time to start crafting.

I used some fabric birds that I had previously made and hung them on beaded string inside the bird cage. Then I used a hook from Home Depot and some jewelry chain to hang the whole thing from the ceiling beside my bed.



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