Zen and the art of road rage.

As much as I like to assert my independence, I really do love rules. My favorite rules to follow are the rules of the road. They are simple to follow, and everyone knows them. The left lane is for passing, use your turn signals, don’t pass long lanes of stopped traffic so you can butt in line and merge at the last minute like you didn’t know what was happening.

In the past, I have been known to make some impolite gestures whilst driving. But losing my temper at another driver always makes me more mad. Here is my new method of dealing with my road rage:

When someone is mad (most likely because they think I am driving like a grandma…which is probably true), I don’t slam on my brakes or anything. I just keep following the rules.

Then, when they pass me, I give them a very happy wave and huge smile. Sometimes I like to throw in a little chuckle as well

The smiling makes all my road rage go away. An altercation that would have really bothered me in the past simply makes me laugh. But the smiling has an opposite effect on the other driver. It usually makes them more mad because I am not joining the fight. At first, their anger brought me a lot of joy, but now I just wish they could be road-rage-free too.

Because driving would be a lot more fun if everybody would just calm down.


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