Hooty Hoo…Lechuza Gordita

Today I made a baby owl. Normally I steer away from sewing projects because I hate measuring, but this one I knew I could eyeball.

Bebé búho

I will provide you the link that I used from Pinterest. Be forewarned that the instructions are in Spanish. I thought about texting my sister in Cancun to get translations before starting, but I really wanted the bragging rights of figuring it out myself. So, here is the link.

I have no idea what most of those words mean, but you can ignore them. It’s not as complicated as it looks. Here are my step by step instructions:

1. Cut the fabric like the shapes the link shows (the size doesn’t really matter as long as they are proportional)

2. Put them face to face matching up at the bottom, and sew the two sides together

3. Sew the top up

4. Sew the beak down

5. Flip it inside out (make sure to make the tip all pointy) and fill with stuffing

6. Sew some thick thread or string around the bottom edge and pull it tight. Tie/sew it up so it stays tight

7. Sew some buttons on for eyes

Hopefully with my instructions and the pictures combined, you can duplicate this craft. I’m not sure what I’ll do with the little guy, but I’ll probably make more. Maybe a family of owls? Make them into ornaments? Use as a pincushion? Give as gifts and let other people figure out what to do with them?


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